Ignition Interlock FAQ2021-10-19T14:19:25-04:00

Ignition Interlock FAQ

Hear from our founder, Attorney Clarke Dummit, as he answers directly some of the most frequently asked questions about ignition interlock devices.

Can I Have a Friend Blow into an Ignition Interlock Device for Me?2021-10-19T15:12:58-04:00

It may be tempting to try and cheat the ignition interlock by having a friend blow into the device for you. However, we’d strongly advise against it. While the ignition interlock devices in North Carolina do not currently have a camera attached to them, it probably won’t be long before this becomes a standard.

What is an Interlock Rolling Retest?2021-10-19T15:13:01-04:00

In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit explains the interlock rolling retests. These rolling retests are another feature of ignition interlock devices to make sure that you are not consuming alcohol while driving. Missing or failing one of these rolling retests will get recorded as an interlock violation. So, it’s imperative that you perform these retests in a timely manner.

What Happens if I Fail the Ignition Interlock Test?2021-10-18T09:39:15-04:00

Attorney Clarke Dummit explains what happens after you fail the ignition interlock breathalyzer test in North Carolina. If you fail the interlock test, the device records this information and sends it to the NC DMV. The DMV will then send you a letter notifying you that your license is going to be suspended. Once you receive this letter, you have a very limited time window to request a DMV hearing. It is imperative to consult with an ignition interlock attorney if you receive this notice from the DMV. Often times when people try to handle these hearings on their own, they are unprepared for the type of questions they’ll be asked. So, consult with an attorney and know your options.

A Conditional Restoration vs an Alcohol Content Restriction2021-10-18T09:45:27-04:00

There are different types of restrictions that will require you to have an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle. These are an Alcohol Content Restriction (ACR) or a Conditional Restoration of your driver’s license. Attorney Clarke Dummit explains the differences between the two types of restrictions in this video.

Can I Leave the Car Running with an Ignition Interlock Device Installed?2021-10-18T09:50:41-04:00

In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit recalls working with a client who left his car running briefly while he went into a store. Unfortunately, while he was inside, the ignition interlock called for a rolling retest. Since he wasn’t at his car, he missed the rolling retest and the device recorded a violation. If he had stayed with his car or turned the vehicle off, our client could have avoided the amount of work that followed to clear this violation with the DMV.

Can I Drive a Company Vehicle without an Ignition Interlock Restriction?2021-10-18T10:01:56-04:00

In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit discusses when it may be possible for you to drive a company vehicle if you have an ignition interlock restriction in North Carolina.

Can I Have a Friend Drive my Car with an Ignition Interlock Installed?2021-10-18T10:19:32-04:00

One common question in regards to ignition interlock devices is whether or not you can have a friend drive your car if you have an ignition interlock installed. There are no regulations that prevent someone other than yourself from driving your car. But, be aware that the NC DMV will presume that it is you who is driving the vehicle.

Can Medication Cause You to Fail an Ignition Interlock Test?2021-10-18T10:24:40-04:00

An ignition interlock device is a safety device, it is not a measurement device. So it cannot tell the difference between alcohol that is found in medicine versus alcohol found in beer and wine. Attorney Clarke Dummit has extensive experience with ignition interlocks and their role within the NC court system and NC DMV. In this video, he explains how your medication may cause you to fail an ignition interlock test and what your options are in this situation.

What If I’m Out of State and Get an Ignition Interlock Requirement in NC?2021-10-18T10:27:38-04:00

We sometimes encounter clients that are out-of-state who have received an ignition interlock requirement in North Carolina. In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit explains what your options are in this type of situation.

What Happens If I Drive a Vehicle Without an Interlock?2021-10-18T10:29:52-04:00

If you have an ignition interlock restriction in North Carolina and you drive a vehicle without an interlock, it can have serious consequences on the status of your driver’s license. In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit talks about what consequences you may face if you violate your ignition interlock restriction.