What Happens at an NC DMV Interlock Hearing?

You can request a DMV Interlock Hearing if you’ve recently had an ignition interlock violation. After you receive a Notice of Suspension from the DMV with an effective date on it you MUST request a DMV Interlock Hearing in writing and have it postmarked prior to the day the suspension is set to begin.

As a law firm that focuses on criminal defense, we advise that you don’t attend the DMV Interlock Hearing without an experienced attorney. It won’t be until the actual Hearing that you’ll be notified of what violation the DMV is alleging. You will not have logs prepared and you will be ambushed with whatever the DMV hearing Officer chooses to ask about. Take for example Robbie Wilson’s case which he allowed us to share with you.


NC DMV Interlock Hearing for an Ignition Interlock Violation Case Result

Robbie Wilson attended an NC DMV Interlock Violation Hearing without an attorney in June of 2015. After that ex