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Charged with a DWI or DUI? We will defend your rights. Here at Dummit Fradin, we don’t just attend DWI seminars, we teach them. We have over 30 years of experience, and we’re committed to bringing the full weight of our legal knowledge to your defense. Let our North Carolina DWI Attorneys defend your rights.

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Welcome to Dummit Fradin | North Carolina DWI / DUI Attorneys

When you hire a Dummit Fradin DWI attorney, you get a team. Our attorneys are known for gathering together into a Practice Area Team, and their combined DWI knowledge, skill and understanding of the courtroom makes them one of the most passionate DWI defense law firms in the state. These are the DWI lawyers you want and need. This team of dedicated DWI attorneys deal with the ins and outs of drunk driving cases every day.

Our founder, Clarke Dummit, built this firm on DWI cases, and he remains one of the leading voices for DWI defense throughout the entire state. DWI is a complicated charge, and it’s one that our law firm has extensive history with in the state of North Carolina. We’re not afraid of court. We regularly litigate our cases in the courtroom. Over the years, our attorneys have handled thousands of cases to protect clients from criminal sentencing and license penalties. When you need a professional DWI attorney on your side after a DWI stop, contact one of our law offices near you.

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Michael Fradin
Michael FradinDUI & DWI Attorney
Michael Fradin has spent years honing the craft of DWI & DUI defense. His knowledge of the DWI laws is broad and comprehensive. If you are looking for a North Carolina DWI attorney that will push the law to the limit, you’ve found him.

Luis Maradiaga
Luis MaradiagaDWI & DUI Attorney
Mr. Maradiaga is known for his dedication and his willingness to fight for his DWI Clients. Getting you the best possible outcome on your DWI charge is always his goal. He is a North Carolina DWI attorney you can rely on.
Stephanie Goldsborough
Stephanie GoldsboroughDUI & DWI Attorney
Ms. Goldsborough’s concern for you and your case will be evident from day one. If you are charged with a DWI in North Carolina, you’ll need a DWI Attorney that will go the distance for you. Ms. Goldsborough is that attorney.
Bree Ward
Bree WardDWI & DUI Attorney
Three words, Resourceful, Attentive, Professional. Ms. Ward takes your case to heart and will use every option to get you your best result. As far as North Carolina DWI attorneys go Ms. Ward is a great choice.

Aggressive, No-Nonsense Approach to DWI Defense

Over the years, we’ve built a substantial practice by consistently and successfully defending our clients against every type of DWI charge. This is the law firm to come to when you want an amazing and effective DWI attorney. Whether your unique situation is a first-time offense or habitual, we stand ready to tackle your case with the kind of aggressive, no-nonsense approach that produces results where they matter: in the courtroom. We’ve earned our reputation by fighting for our clients in the courtroom.

A DWI charge does not have to mean a DWI conviction, and we cannot stress that enough. Here at Dummit Fradin, our DWI lawyers believe that every single case is worth defending. And, defending well. This is our goal. Every client deserves a solid, knowledgeable DWI defense. We fight hard for your rights, and we know how to do it because we’ve accumulated the years of hard-earned experience that it takes to be a winner.

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Challenging Your Case on Every Level

We practice DWI law. Here, you can get a DWI attorney who knows the law. Your attorney should find out if the officer who pulled you over had reasonable articulable suspicion. If not, why were you pulled over, and does that violate your rights?

Your rights are our concern, and we will provide you with a DWI attorney who will work tirelessly to make sure your rights are being protected and that you’re not being charged for a crime you never should have been pulled over for. We will challenge your case on every level, including the field sobriety testsbreath tests, and blood tests. Law enforcement officers are required to follow field test procedures, and it happens that we know all of those procedures, not just because we fight them in the courtroom, but also because we have attorneys actually trained and certified to conduct these very same tests.

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Asking Questions & Challenging Evidence

We thoroughly investigate the details of your DWI matter, and we fight without reservation to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best possible results. Your DWI attorney must know what questions to ask and has to take the time to analyze every second of the police video and audio recordings. This information, once it’s reviewed thoroughly, is compared to the officer’s report and testimony and used to explore your defense options. The officer’s report will have to match the evidence as to what happened in the stop.

Your DWI attorney will want to know if the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion to pull you over. In addition, it’s worth asking if the testing equipment was properly calibrated and maintained. Remember, it’s the burden of the state of North Carolina to prove any case against you. The state even has to prove that you were actually driving the car.

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