Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is professional education for attorneys after their initial admission to the bar. In North Carolina, attorneys are required to complete 12 credit hours every year.

This not only keeps attorneys up-to-date on changes in the legal field, but it also helps them offer their clients quality legal defense.

At Dummit Fradin, we take continuing education very seriously. Not only do we make it easy for our attorneys to attend CLE seminars but we encourage our team to teach seminars as well.

This December, two Dummit Fradin criminal defense attorneys will share their knowledge with the legal community. On December 17th, Clarke Dummit will speak on Legal Ethics. Then, on December 19th, Patrick Apple will speak on Gun Laws in North Carolina. Learn more and register for these seminars below.

Clarke Dummit Legal Ethics CLE December 17 2019

Legal Ethics: Top Challenges
Your Practical Ethical Compliance Guide

This course compiles the toughest current challenges attorneys face in protecting their professional reputations. Our experienced attorney faculty will help you get the tools you need to do the right thing without fear of disciplinary action or litigation. Enroll today!”

Who Should Attend?
This basic-to-intermediate level ethics course is designed for attorneys.

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