Attorney: Jessica Culver
Type of Case: Child Custody
Case Result: Joint Legal Custody and Physical Custody Awarded
County: Randolph and Buncombe

A young family was torn apart when the mother packed up and moved across the state with the youngest child in tow. She figured she could quickly get a custody order if she made up false allegations about domestic violence against the father. Understandably, the father was devastated after not seeing his child for weeks, and now he had to face a heart-wrenching child custody case.


If the judge ruled in favor of the mother and granted her requests, he would have restricted rights to his child. This ruling would mean he’d have supervised visitation or extremely limited visitation. Additionally, he faced potentially losing the right to participate in major decisions, such as educational, religious, and medical decisions. He knew he would need someone competent and experienced to represent him in court. So he booked an appointment to meet with family law attorney Jessica Culver.

Gathering Evidence Against a Domestic Violence Claim

It feels horrible to get accused of something you didn’t do, and it was clear our client did not commit the violent acts alleged by the mother. So, Jessica quickly drafted and filed all the necessary documents and prepared her client for a child custody hearing. She worked with her client extensively up until the court date to collect and organize the proper evidence to rebut the inflammatory claims of domestic violence. She also asked her client to undergo a drug test to prove that the mother’s allegations about substance abuse were false.

Jessica was even able to have the hearing moved online so the client and his witnesses could appear from the comfort of our beautiful office!

On the day of court, the judge saw through the allegations and found that our client was deserving of joint legal custody and physical custody of his child. It was remarkable to win shared custody rights for our client. But, better yet was when we found out our client’s custodial time would start the following day! After not seeing his child for a month, our client was able to pick up his child the very next day. Additionally, Jessica rehabilitated the father in the court’s eyes by protecting him against the untrue allegations made about him.

Preparing to fight for joint legal custody and physical custody?

Family law cases can be extremely emotional. But, it always helps if you can remain professional and trust that your attorney has your best interests in mind.

“Hire an attorney you trust and follow their advice. When I asked this client to submit to a drug screen, he did it immediately. He followed my advice regarding reasonable expectations and understood the best and worst-case scenarios I presented to him. He was also kind and calm throughout the process, even though so much was at stake.”  – Attorney Jessica Culver

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