Post Trial Driving Privileges Video Transcript

Jim: Mike, after the trial, in the unfortunate instance that there is a conviction what’s the very first thing that happens to my driver’s license?

Michael Fradin: Well, the thing you need to know Jim is that your license is going to be suspended automatically for one year, or more.
There’s no discretion in the judge. There’s no discretion in the court or the District Attorney’s office. Your license is going to be suspended for one year.

Now, we talked about pre-trial limited driving privileges. You can also get post-trial limited driving privileges. It’s the same requirements for the most part. You have to have had a valid license, you can’t have any DWIs within the last seven years. And, again, the documentation is the same. You need the DL 123, which is the proof of insurance. You need to have gotten an alcohol assessment. And, you need to get a letter for any hours you to work or go to school outside of the hours of 6 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.

Jim: Well, and again, going back to driving privileges in terms of your job or work, they’re the same as it was on the pre-trial. Meaning, I can go to the drug store pick up medicine for my wife or something right?

Michael Fradin: For the most part, correct. The burden is always on the defendant in these cases. They have to prove that they are doing something within their driving privileges. Maintenance of the household is one of those things you can do. But, you can’t be going to soccer practice for the most part. You can’t even go to church. It’s basically just maintenance of the household.

Jim: Alright, one thing we want to talk about coming up next: Interlock Devices. What are they and how do they come into play in your post-trial world.

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