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2018 Business North Carolina Legal Elite for Immigration Attorney

Legal Elite 2018 : Devon Senges Congratulations to Devon Senges for being awarded the 2018 Legal Elite for Immigration by Business North Carolina. Immigration is a challenging and difficult field and we are pleased to provide award-winning Immigration attorneys for our clients. The Business North Carolina magazine has published top lawyers in the [...]

2018 Business North Carolina Legal Elite for Immigration Attorney2018-12-20T10:49:59-04:00

Randolph County Child Custody

Randolph County child custody process The majority of Randolph County child custody issues are settled outside of court, privately between the parents, usually through the use of a consent order a separation agreement. There are a small percentage of Randolph county child custody disputes that end up being decided in the courtroom. When a [...]

Randolph County Child Custody2018-02-20T14:32:32-04:00


When a couple decides to end their marriage, there are many issues that must be resolved. Dummit Fradin has a team of family law attorneys to help you resolve these matters quickly and amicably. A separation agreement is an excellent tool that a husband and wife can use to resolve issues involved with the breakdown [...]


Randolph County Divorce

Ending your marriage will probably be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. The difficulty is not just emotional, but legal as well. When it comes time for separation and divorce, seek the counsel of our experienced and professional family law attorneys at Dummit Fradin. Our team of Attorneys will fight to ensure [...]

Randolph County Divorce2018-01-30T18:33:27-04:00

Preparing for Divorce in NC Checklist

Preparing for Divorce It is important to prepare for divorce or separation as early as possible in the process. You'll need an attorney who is understanding, but who will tell you the hard-cold reality to keep the process moving smoothly. Our attorneys here at Dummit Fradin have experience in navigating the process. If we [...]

Preparing for Divorce in NC Checklist2018-12-12T12:17:03-04:00

Government Announces they will Resume Accepting DACA Renewal Applications

Get your DACA renewal applications in now. USCIS has announced they will resume accepting DACA renewal applications under the policy terms that were in place before the program was eliminated on September 5, 2017. Who can renew their DACA? Your DACA expired after September 5, 2016 Who can file a new DACA application? Your [...]

Government Announces they will Resume Accepting DACA Renewal Applications2018-12-31T12:03:57-04:00

Jessica Culver Speaks On Alienation of Affection in NFL Case

Dummit Fradin domestic attorney Jessica Culver spoke on the CBS WFMY morning show this morning 12/06/2017, concerning "alienation of affection" as it pertains to a high profile ongoing NFL case. A North Carolina man from Huntersville filed a lawsuit against a Philadelphia Eagles' NFL player. The North Carolinian found messages between the NFL player and [...]

Jessica Culver Speaks On Alienation of Affection in NFL Case2019-02-13T11:09:05-04:00

The First 5 things to do after being accused of DWI

You’ve recently been stopped by the police and accused of DWI. A million thoughts are probably racing through your head. You’re probably very scared: What do I do now? Will I lose my license? What about my insurance? Who should I talk to? Here are the first five things you should do after being [...]

The First 5 things to do after being accused of DWI2018-12-20T12:16:54-04:00

The Top 10 DWI mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Here is a list of Ten DWI mistakes that are commonly made by a person accused of drunk driving. If you find yourself being accused of a DWI or another related charge, this list can help find the right representation for your case. If you plead Guilty you will be found guilty 100% of [...]

The Top 10 DWI mistakes (and how to avoid them)2018-10-25T13:28:14-04:00

License Suspension

The Attorneys at Dummit Fradin are experienced in helping prevent License Suspension, and when they do occur, we work with our clients to get limited driving privileges and eventually getting driving privileges restored.  Getting your privilege to drive restored is critical here in North Carolina since we have such poor mass transit systems. Here [...]

License Suspension2017-12-15T17:54:22-04:00
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