“I was charged with DWI in North Carolina and my vehicle was seized, and I am told it is going to be sold, is this true and how can I stop it?”

DWI Vehicle Seizure

The short answer is: “it depends”. If you or someone you know has had a vehicle seizure related to a Driving While Impaired charge, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Timing is critical and storage costs are rising daily.

According to North Carolina law, a driver charged with DWI may have his/her vehicle seized if they have a revoked license due to a prior DWI. If they were not validly licensed nor covered by the requisite liability insurance policy, their vehicle will also get seized. NC General Statute 20-28.3 requires police officers to seize motor vehicles where they have probable cause to believe the driver is guilty of an impaired driving offense. This can include DWI or Driving After Consuming <21.

Reasons for a Vehicle Seizure

  • The driver’s license is already revoked for a prior impaired driving offense, OR
  • The driver is not validly licensed and not covered by a liability insurance policy.

Towing and Storage Fees for Vehicle Seizure

The law enforcement offi