Stephanie Goldsborough District Court Judge Nominee

On November 28,  the 18 and 18-H Judicial District Bar nominated attorney Stephanie Goldsborough for Guilford County District Court Judge. She is currently in the top five nominees for the vacant judicial seat. The vacant seat is a result of Governor Cooper electing Judge Lora Cubbage to another vacant seat in the Guilford County Superior Court.

Last week, both the 18 and 18-H Judicial District Bar voted on 12 lawyers recommended for the position. The results include one current Dummit Fradin attorney and as well as a former one. Jonathan Kreider, the top nominee, left Dummit Fradin when Governor Pat McCrory appointed him to fill a vacant judicial seat. Clarke Dummit, founder of Dummit Fradin, said, “We strive to hire experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorneys. So, it is a great honor to see the legal community acknowledge that.”

“I am incredibly honored to have been one of five lawyers to be nominated by my fellow Guilford County attorneys for appointment to the vacated Guilford County District Court Judicial seat.  To all my friends, family, and colleagues who voted for me or simply offered support, I thank you.  I would not be in this position today without those of you who encouraged and believed in me.  If I am chosen by Governor Cooper, I promise to follow the Constitutions and Laws of our country and state. I further promise to serve the Guilford County community as a fair and compassionate judge.  Thank you.”

– Stephanie Goldsborough

About Attorney Stephanie Goldsborough

Stephanie Goldsborough has more than a decade of hard-hitting courtroom litigation experience. She has successfully handled countless cases related to criminal defense, family law, and domestic violence. Whether addressing a DWI or a domestic violence matter, she is relentless in securing the most favorable outcome possible.

Ms. Goldsborough has spoken at various conferences and clinics, such as the Pro Se Divorce Clinic and Representing Plaintiffs in Domestic Violence Protective Order Actions.  Before joining Dummit Fradin, she was an assistant public defender at the Forsyth County Office of the Public Defender.

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