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Case Results in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Husband Calls 911, Gets Charged with Assault on a Female

Charges: Client was charged with Assault on a Female and Interfering with 911 Call Case Result: Dismissed County: Forsyth What Happened A client called the police when his wife became aggressive, grabbed him, and pushed their three-year-old child. When the police arrived they instead began investigating him. He insisted to the police he did not do anything, but they did not listen and continued to accuse him. At the end of the investigation, instead of helping our client, he was arrested and charged with Assault on a Female and Interfering with 911 Call. The police officers spoke with the client's wife, who claimed that our client had struck and hit her on the head. There were no visible signs of injury to her head, but with an assault, there isn't always physical evidence. These situations are a he-said-she-said, and the side that is better prepared for trial is [...]

Dismissed – DWI won for Corpus Delicti

Our founder, Clarke Dummit, won another DWI case based upon the Corpus Delicti rule. Our client got charged with DWI after the Winston-Salem police officer heard the crash and drove over to the scene of the wreck 3 minutes later. When the officer arrived our client was out of the car with the hood open looking at the damage to the grill. There was another person at the scene who could have been driving, but our client said he was driving. There was no physical evidence that our client was driving, and the only circumstantial evidence (that our client owned the car, and was at the scene) led equally to the conclusion that he was a passenger. Our client was arrested and blew a .17 at the station. What is Corpus Delicti? Mr. Dummit of Dummit Fradin made a motion to dismiss at the close of the State’s case [...]

Father Attains Child Support with 50/50 Custody

Attorney: Erica Jackson Type of Case: Child Support Case Result: Father Granted Child Support with 50/50 Custody County: Forsyth County Attorney Erica Jackson recently represented a father in a child support case in Forsyth County. The client held 50/50 custody of his children and now needed Erica's help in getting a fair child support arrangement. Months before the two parties even separated, our client took medical leave from his job while he had shoulder surgery. The parties then separated and our client did not go back to his job after medical leave. Going back meant he'd have to work 2nd shift from 3:00 pm to 2:00 am without anyone to care for his children. So he was forced to take a different job making less money. Accurately Imputing Income for Fair Child Support Although he no longer worked there, the county was trying to impute the first, higher-paying [...]

An Unexpected DWI Refusal Hearing Win

Type of Case: DWI Refusal Hearing at the DMV Case Result: Hearing Won! Attorney: Clarke Dummit When our firm takes on DWI defense cases we often look for the needle in the haystack. Many times, we find it and many times we don’t. Occasionally we find a defense we were not expecting, and a case that looks like a pure losing case turns into a win. Attorney Clarke Dummit recently had that experience in a DWI refusal administrative hearing at the DMV. Know Your Rights When a person is arrested for DWI and taken to the breath testing room they will be read their Implied Consent Rights from the government form DHHS 4081. Afterward, the charging officer or trooper will request the person to submit to a breath or blood test. If the person refuses to take the test they will be marked as a Willful Refusal. [...]

Dummit Fradin Wins $6.6M Verdict Against Rapper Yo Gotti

 [Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Tuesday, May 28, 2019] Dummit Fradin litigation attorneys recently won a high profile trial against mainstream rapper Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti, aka Mario Mims, was slapped with a hefty $2.2 million verdict in a North Carolina courtroom today. The amount was then tripled by a Forsyth County judge to $6.6 million because of a finding of unfair and deceptive trade practices. In 2016, Yo Gotti recorded a verse for Young Fletcher. Young Fletcher, aka Lamont Fletcher, is a local North Carolina rapper who hoped to "jump start" his career with the release of this collaboration. Yo Gotti received $20,000 for the recording, but never got approval from his label Epic Records. Nor did he provide the required “side artist agreement” which would have allowed Young Fletcher to release the song. Yo Gotti then tried to go around Young Fletcher’s manager, Michael Terry, and steal [...]

Dismissed – Carry Concealed Gun and Possession of Marijuana

A Dummit Fradin criminal defense attorney submitted a motion to suppress evidence due to the Winston-Salem law enforcement violating our client's Miranda rights. Our attorney succeeded in getting the charges dismissed after winning his motion to suppress evidence.   If you're facing a criminal charge, don't hesitate to contact our criminal defense team at Dummit Fradin. We have offices located in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point. Our attorneys are always ready to listen to your case and give their honest feedback regarding your options. Call today to schedule a free criminal case consultation.

Clients Not Guilty for Possession of Marijuana

  Our clients were cruising along when they were abruptly rear-ended. A deputy arrived on the scene and said he smelled marijuana. He ordered the two clients out of the vehicle. One client admitted that she had been smoking a hemp cigarette. Eventually, after an illegal search, the deputy found what he thought was marijuana in two places in the vehicle. As a result, the two individuals were charged with Possession of Marijuana in Forsyth County. Our client owns several hemp shops and maintains an ABC permit. A conviction for Possession of Marijuana meant they’d likely lose their ABC permit and face huge financial losses. So, they turned to criminal defense attorney Clarke Dummit for help. You Can’t Tell by the Smell At trial, the deputy was testifying about his training and experience in smelling and identifying marijuana based upon the smell and appearance. During a [...]

Mother, Daughter Narrowly Avoid Vehicle Forfeiture

Attorney: Clarke Dummit Type of Case: Vehicle Forfeiture Case Result: Successfully received a court order returning the car County: Forsyth County A mother and her daughter were both on the title of a car. However, it was primarily the daughter's vehicle. A friend of the daughter took it without permission and got charged with DWI. At the time, the friend was driving with a revoked license due to a prior DWI. So, the police seized the car and towed it to Charlotte for forfeiture. The daughter petitioned to get the car returned, but she was denied. Appealing to Avoid Vehicle Forfeiture After getting denied, the daughter decided to seek help from attorney Clarke Dummit. He advised her on how she needed to fix the problem in the petition and told her to try. But because her petition had already been denied, the clerk would not allow her to [...]

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